About Us

Where Teens Fit...

MindStream is a fun, innovative co-ed boarding program where teens achieve healthy weight, get fit and build self-esteem by nurturing their Mind, Body, and Spirit. In this positive, safe and caring natural environment, we teach teens proven, healthy life-skills to handle the daily stress and triggers that have led to their unhealthy habits. Here, students develop the skills needed to bring about true life change for long-term health and wellness. MindStream stresses that to gain control over one’s life, the focus is healing the whole person, not just weight loss. By helping students better understand the underlying cause of their behaviors, they can change for life. The time to get healthy and start on the path to feeling better is now…with MindStream.

More About MindStream

  • Our Teens

    Our teens often come here lost. And while each student comes with their own needs, goals and objectives, there is a common theme: they all want to move forward towards positive lifestyle change. By the time they graduate from our program, they are proud of what they have lost, what they have gained, and who they have become in the process. Even better - their individual victories were made among friends who understand them and staff who supported and guided them.
  • Our Programs

    What makes our program so unique is that there is nothing extreme about what we are doing –we’ve just brought them back to the basics. They have put down their electronics, developed a relationship with themselves, their bodies and the world around them and as result are achieving goals that they never thought possible, and feel that their lives have changed forever.
  • Our Campus

    You're not roughing it here - you're enjoying it! Our campus is a beautiful retreat where teens can safely explore the mental, emotional, physical and social factors that led them to this crossroad. The MindStream accommodations and location are indeed enviable: Nestled in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, our campus is the ultimate natural playground and respite and students love calling MindStream their home away from home.