Our unique instructional model is tailored to meet each student’s needs and college aspirations. The result is truly individualized learning.
Whether you’re doing yoga at the lake house, working with the trainers at our local fitness center, cardiokickboxing under the pavilion or working through our various fitness stations, there are more activities than there are hours in the day.
Equine-Assisted Therapy
Our Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy program combines a serene setting with a nurturing environment for teens to make extraordinary strides in personal growth.
Family Involvement
Family involvement is the most important factor in ensuring that the progress your teen makes while in our program remains after returning home.
In the dining room, students savor meals expertly crafted by a Registered Dietitian and prepared under the guidance of our Executive Chef

The Mindstream Method

What Makes MindStream Academy So Different?

Exceptional Staff. Innovative Programming. Astounding Results. Those are the three things that set us apart and make MindStream so unique and powerful in tackling -and successfully treating -teen obesity. The MindStream staff is composed of credentialed, passionate professionals dedicated to providing unparalleled guidance in health, fitness and nutrition. Our program is not focused solely on weight loss. We get to the root of the problem - social, emotional, environmental - and teach our students the skills they need for continued success. And MindStream's exclusive evidence-based programming provides astounding results.


View biographies and credentials for our world-class staff.


Our program has produces truly life-changing results.


Our campus on the Hilton Head Island beach provides the perfect setting to promote healthy lifestyle changes.


MindStream and the media are tackling teen obesity together.